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For those who want to pose for me

Most of my shots on the streets are unplanned and take place by getting permission right before or notifying them afterwards.

For planned works, I do not charge any fee for shooting that is not directly for commercial purposes and I prefer to work based on 'mutual trust'. We can talk via mail, whatsapp or instagram and decide what we can do together, where we can work, etc. If we agree on how the photographs to be taken can be used, we can work together. I also share all of the photos after shooting. (If we use the camera or memory card you provided, you send me the photos.)

As an alternative to the mutual trust method, we can also make a TFP contract. This contract is actually a kind of formalized method of mutual trust. We write and sign the matters resolved. Generally, the number of photos to be shared by the photographer is limited in these contracts, but I prefer to share all the photos.

Commercial Shooting

You can also contact me for commercial photos. Depending on the location of the shooting, the duration of the shooting, the area of use, we can work together if we can compromise on financial and monetary conditions.