I was born in 1981 as the first and only child of a teacher couple, and I have been living in Ankara since '92. Although I graduated from the Industrial Engineering department at METU, I did not want to deepen in this field and I got a master's degree in Political Science from Ankara University. Nevertheless, I had to leave my PhD study in the same department at the dissertation stage, unfortunately.

In addition to my official and boring engineering career in a government office, since my high school years, I have worked as an editor, copywriter, literary journalist, translator, visual designer, etc. - partly as a hobby and partly a job. In the academic field, I conducted different researches in the art-politics-technology triangle and published in various fields such as the phenomenology of the sacred, communication theories, policy of mind, and Nazi aesthetics.

With my 30s, I started to be interested in photography. I was initially interested in archiving, then imitating the photos I archived. In a short time, my interest grew. My unplanned street shots in Istanbul evolved over time into some outdoor photography projects in European cities, especially in Italy. After some group projects, my first solo exhibition titled 'Sounds, Faces, Streets' took place in Altı+Bir Cultural Center, in May 2018. For two years, I held two workshops (composition exercises, light exercises) in the same center. Many of my photographs have been published in magazines, some of them have been transformed to book covers. And unwittingly, I found myself in an informal network of European street photographers.

Nowadays, I expect the epidemic to end as soon as possible and to participate in different street shots in different cities again. I have been concentrated on two of my indoor photography projects, which have been going on for about two years, while deepening my theoretical research entitled 'Social and Political History of Photography'. Moreover, I have been trying to expand my horizon and abilities in graphic design and video production.

You can access some other texts about my photo history from the Blogs tab, and you can get information about my working conditions from the Contact tab.

Thank you,

Ahmet E. Çoban, Agrapher